Our Approach

improving business relationships, employee relationships and stakeholder analysis with a relational frameworkRenuma enables you to better understand not just the visible but also the underlying issues in your organisation.  Our tools provide a visual and intuitive diagnosis that allows working relationships to be changed for the better.

Diverse relationships share core components.  We use Relational Proximity®, a framework categorising five domains of relational strength; information, story, communication, purpose and power.  Understanding this framework enables organisations and teams to pro-actively adjust their relationships, resolving blockages and strengthening collaboration in a range of sectors.


Relational Proximity® was developed by Relational Research, Cambridge, and is now licensed world-wide by Relational Analytics Ltd.

Insight for stakeholder engagement

In a complex customer and regulatory environment, a utility company needed to assess the extent and nature of its relational risk with its stakeholders. With this insight, the company could more effectively prioritise how to improve its stakeholder engagement. To achieve this, it commissioned Renuma to undertake an independent, bi-lateral review of its relational capital through relationship mapping.

We used an rScan to compare the company’s relationships in different sectors. The use of an established framework allowed us to identify the most relevant relationship dynamics and propose practical ways to improve them. The output also allowed the company to clearly define and demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of its network relationships.

More efficient street works in the utility sector

A Local Authority area was experiencing some challenges in the efficient completion of street works. Closer and more responsive relationships were needed between the council, a utility and a contractor. Renuma was asked to work with the three parties to address these relationships.

Measuring the quality of business relationships between the three organisations clearly identified where the dynamics could be improved. This rImprove data was an effective catalyst for facilitated discussion with senior managers. Through workshops, we explored further the patterns of their interaction and they agreed improvements. After a relatively short amount of contact time, a 20-week period of building healthy relationship had made tangible impacts upon how smoothly the street works operation ran in the locality.

Putting in place inter-agency relationships

Senior leaders in a health and social care locality were integrating the work of their organisations. In order to develop new ways of working, their relationship and their level of partnership needed to change. Renuma partnered with the organisations to help them think through the options.

By introducing a common language of relationship, we helped the leaders to better articulate their expectations and differences and to build mutual understanding. By agreeing together how the necessary relationships could most effectively function, they were able to build a greater confidence in future progress and collaborative planning.