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Partnership – off the shelf and out of the box

It’s the must-have product for 2017. A plug-and-play set of partners, ready to collaborate and seamlessly compatible with whatever system you’re working with and whatever project you’re working on. Cut back on all those cumbersome committees that everyone secretly dreads. Avoid organising the hi-vis stakeholder summits with lo-vis outcomes. Confidently mute the clamour for results […]

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Belonging, involvement …and sharing the bread

It’s been said that people join a company, but leave a boss – ‘bad bosses’ are frequently cited amongst the most significant reasons that people leave a job. The phrase is usually used to preface a discussion of the individual behaviour, skills and personality of a person in charge. If the boss was more flexible, […]

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STPs – the challenge of history and baggage

When I first joined a PCT from the rather closeted and specialist realms of communicable disease health protection, I was a bright-eyed enthusiast for the potential of a new organisation and configuration. I lapped up the promise and the vision repeated in every Department of Health policy paper and re-hashed by every healthcare think tank […]

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risk management in business relationships

Managing Relational Risk or managing risk relationally

Exec Summary: Paying attention to your organisation’s relational dynamics (internally & externally) is not only good relational risk management but it is good risk management in general. It can help minimise the uncertainty and increase the ability to influence and handle the consequences. Taking a relational risk management approach does not replace existing risk management […]

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Is the smart money in payment systems?

In banks, there is no glamour in being responsible for the payment services business. The volumes of payment transactions are high, but the fee chargeable on each is negligible: it feels like being responsible for the plumbing infrastructure. Professionals with an eye on this year’s bonus are naturally drawn to investment banking, where large transactions […]

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What incremental change can’t do

A senior planning manager in a bank was complaining to me the other day, “So many of the plans presented to us don’t actually stack up. They describe why things must change and then state what changes they will implement. But they don’t demonstrate whether the planned change will meet the need.” It seems that […]

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ranieri mourinho

Something must be done…

As possibly the most unpredictable Premiership season ever draws to a close, a footballing blog seems appropriate. As in every season, three clubs face the burning platform of relegation. Questions are asked, disgust is expressed by tweet and by sheet (on the terraces), recriminations fly and the more ambitious (and able) team members jump ship. […]

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The trouble with boards (and what to do about it) – Pt2

In part 1 we looked at the idea of Proximate Diversity (actively managing the relationships inside and outside the board) and its importance in ensuring healthy decision-making. This essentially describes a Chair’s perspective on the relational dynamics of the board. The board secretary is more likely to see the differences in terms of information flow. […]

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The trouble with boards (and what to do about it) – Pt1

Enabling boards to exercise appropriate oversight is often a struggle, both for members and those advising them. There are two related issues that seem to come up time and again. The first issue is the presence of different constituencies within the board. Much is written on the benefits and need for increasing board diversity, but […]

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They can’t wait to get back to work

Lord Carter identifies better workforce management as the first candidate for scrutiny in his recent review of NHS provider productivity. It’s an understandable choice, given that workforce accounts for over 60% of provider spend. There is now a growing urgency for Trusts to put flesh on their efficiency programme plans in response. What does grappling […]

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