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Post merger blues?

Analysis of mergers shows that they often don’t improve performance and value over the long run. Any of us who have experienced one will know that the mere process can bring enough stresses to cause operational difficulties, even for an effective organisation. Unrealistic expectations or an inability to integrate cultures and ways of working are […]

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Innovation pitfalls and how to address them

Many organisations want to encourage innovation but not at the expense of maintaining high quality standards and consistency. Paradoxically, policies to reward innovation sit alongside processes which stifle it. Where such tight organisations excel at transmitting standards and ideas rapidly, they often struggle in being flexible enough to explore new ideas. Selection and dissemination of […]

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HC bullying

How much bullying in healthcare is down to bullies?

Last year, and for the second year running, an astonishing 24% of NHS employees working in hospital trusts in England said that they had ‘personally experienced harassment, bullying or abuse at work’ from a manager, team leader or colleague. This was over one and a half times more than levels reported for 2011 and 2010. […]

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