Partnership – off the shelf and out of the box

productivity out of the boxIt’s the must-have product for 2017. A plug-and-play set of partners, ready to collaborate and seamlessly compatible with whatever system you’re working with and whatever project you’re working on. Cut back on all those cumbersome committees that everyone secretly dreads. Avoid organising the hi-vis stakeholder summits with lo-vis outcomes. Confidently mute the clamour for results from press and politicians. This box of partners will get it done!

Once set up, Committed Partners™ will work away in the background of your operational system, affirming your every action whilst using minimal processing power. Fragmented services and loading errors will be resolved within minutes, freeing you up to do your day job. You will soon notice how clear your outbox is looking and some impressive improvements to flow.

Within a few days, you will not even notice Committed Partners™. The package begins to learn your preferences and anticipate your system’s requirements. Change management becomes effortless and any system modifications you do need to make are rolled out with the merest swipe of your screen. Say goodbye to lengthy update installations. Every part of the system will be synced in real time.

The bonus pack supplied with this 2017 edition includes a series of reporting templates with which to assure other members of your network of your productivity gains. Committed Partners™ is a Premium Product, thoroughly screened for malware before shipping. It is guaranteed free of hidden agendas and will not try to take over your system.

A special offer this month is the free shipping of Committed Partners™ to your real-world partners so that they too can benefit from hassle-free approach to collaboration. You will never have to negotiate again or adjust your approach in light of someone else’s perspective, ensuring your productivity gains will be sustained.


System requirements: before installing, please make sure your optimism drive is updated to the 2017 release. Not all areas of the UK are currently covered by Committed Partners™ support programme. If you have any installation issues, perhaps call Renuma for a more practical approach.