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Response to Renuma’s engagement

I would say that the whole organisation needs to be exposed to these tools.

As a new organisation [we were] faced with an unusual and difficult challenge to find a meaningful approach to customer engagement. Renuma were able to provide us with realistic and significant insights into managing these relationships in a more constructive manner. Renuma’s workshops were specifically tailored to our needs, and helped us to explore solutions that were both ‘real world’ and that have also proven to be long lasting and effective.

The findings have prompted us to continue an ongoing dialogue with the other department and the tools have allowed us to recognise potential issues as they arise.

Rather than just being very vague about our relational frustrations, this discussion and survey led to a very good ‘clinical diagnosis’ of the problem meaning we could treat those specific symptoms. Understanding the other team’s pain and frustration gives me real empathy for them and will mean I approach them in a totally different way.

Being an independent company helped pick out what was relevant. I am really pleased with progress. Everyone was positive with each other, no negatives.

Definitely helped to open communication with the right people / teams.

It helped me focus on how our actions impact the customer.  I feel excellent progress was made.

We now have clear knowledge of what all three parties require and can build on that.

Important project for all involved because it highlighted that the issues were not just with one party, but were with the other two parties as well.

I have learned the internal requirements of our partners and better understand my role in their jobs.