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Renuma is passionate about building sustainable organisational and business relationships. Some projects only require a time bound independent voice, but we also seek to collaborate with in-house teams, other professional service firms and independent associates to ensure our specialist input has more lasting value. Our core team brings the benefit of a wide range of experience and diverse skills from across the major business sectors to form the foundation of this relationally oriented business.

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Richard Gedge

Richard was previously Head of Worldwide Projects for Pilkington responsible for a capital projects portfolio of £200m pa. He has overseen and directly managed major construction projects in countries like Brazil, Spain, USA, Germany, Iran and Poland. His extensive Project Management experience over 20 years has given him breadth and confidence in any cultural environment.

Richard has also worked within the Church of England on the frontline of cultural change, developing both new forms of church and transforming existing models. He is passionate about teams and is motivated by empowering them to succeed.

Richard is accredited as a Relational Practitioner (Facilitator) and co-founder of Renuma.

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[email protected]
+44 7758 466743

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Will Sopwith

Will has over 15 years experience in policy roles in the public sector. As a research lead in public health and primary care, he has wide experience of strategic leadership, analytical interpretation and application of evidence. He now develops and implements frameworks that inform and enable positive organisational change.

A key skill is the translation of diverse and sometimes complex insight into tangible action for improvement. His strengths lie in his ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly. Gathering and interpreting appropriate evidence and facilitating teams in finding solutions has been a central feature of many evaluation and research projects within healthcare systems.

Will is an accredited Practitioner of Relational Health Audits and co-founder of Renuma Consulting Ltd.

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Tim Young

Tim has advised organisations in the public and private sectors internationally, on strategic change and organisational design. With governments he has advised and implemented economic and social reform. He unusually combines experience in corporate decision-making at the highest levels with pragmatic work at the interpersonal level. He has advised clients using Relational Proximity® for many years at all stages of organisational life, from start-up through refocus or merger to exit.

Tim is accredited as a Relational Practitioner (Facilitator, Supervisor, Technical Specialist) and a co-founder of Renuma. As a Technical Specialist in Relational Proximity®, he is part of the core design team behind the tools we use.


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